Meet Alejandra & Jacque

Meet Alejandra & Jacque

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I came to OLC because

Alejandra: “I needed help with reading and conversation. My tutor is great, really helpful for me.”

Jacque: “I had a lot of free time, so I wanted to have something extra to do. It’s wonderful. Having lived in Arizona, it’s really dear to my heart to help people, especially people from Latin America, that come to make a better life, to be able to speak well and communicate in [the U.S.] Alejandra and I have been working together for several months, maybe 4.”

I’ve seen changes in these ways…

Alejandra: “When I started [at OLC], I understood little and only knew a little bit of speaking, and I couldn’t read at all. Now, I can read some. I can understand more, and my speaking is growing. I’m really excited because it’s very interesting for me to speak other languages.”

Jacque: “I’ve seen a great change. She reads really well now. She is in higher level reading books. If she doesn’t understand a word she looks it up in her phone, and sometimes writes it down so that she can remember. She’s done a really good job.”

I am learning/teaching English because…

Alejandra: “I’m learning English for my kids. I have an eight-year-old. For him, it’s really difficult to do homework or reading. It’s awesome, for school and homework, for me to understand. He’s so excited because I can understand words, questions, other things. When you go to the doctor, it’s translated; many places can translate to Spanish. But when you have a child [in school], it’s really difficult, when he doesn’t understand and I don’t understand.”

Jacque: “It really enriches your life, being able to help somebody do something that they don’t know how to do. Having been in nursing, I was helping student nurses learn nursing, and this sort of fits in in a way.”

I came to the U.S. because…

Alejandra: “I came here nine years ago, so it’s a long time. I came to visit family and stayed here. I had my first and second children here. It’s really difficult because when you come here, it’s a different language, a different culture. You need to learn English and speak English. It’s awesome when you love other countries different from your own country. Now, I love this country, because my children were born here. My child asks, “Mom, are you from here?” I say, “No, I am from Mexico, but because you’re here, I’m with you here! I love you.” I came here because of problems in Mexico; there is no work, no future for me or for my family. The U.S. has more opportunity.”

What makes OLC special…

Alejandra: “Everything. The teachers, the people who work here, are so happy, friendly, and welcoming to anyone that comes here. It’s really awesome, that people here all speak and understand different languages. It’s really nice.”

Jacque: “I like it because everyone’s very friendly and willing to help. We have a nice mixture of students. It’s interesting to meet people from other cultures and other countries and hear about their lives. I’ve enjoyed hearing about Alejandra’s life. It’s been very interesting for me.”

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