Fayetteville Community Police Visit OLC

Fayetteville Community Police Visit OLC

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Our health and sense of well-being is affected by how safe we feel. Learning the life skills in staying safe and knowing who you can count on is important — whether you’re a newcomer or an old timer to American living.  In OLC’s health literacy/life skills class, students met with Corporal Brashears and Sargent Stout from the Fayetteville Police Department and learned practical ways in staying safe and who to contact if their sense of security is threatened. Students learned important procedures on what to do if they are pulled over while driving, their rights as victims of crime and how to seek support, and the different levels of law enforcement from local up to state.  As members of a larger Washington County community, OLC and its students, Sargent Stout and Corporal Brashears are looking forward to keeping connected and raising awareness about the cultural diversity and resources Washington County has to offer. – Julia Kilbourne

This event was organized by Julia Kilbourne, AmeriCorps Service member, for her health literacy class.

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