Adult Basic Literacy (ABL) and English as a Second Language (ESL) Tutoring and Classes

We currently offer one-on-one tutoring and classroom instruction at two locations in Washington County.

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Ozark Literacy Council, 2596 Keystone Crossing, Fayetteville, AR 72703:

Office Hours: 8:30am – 8pm Monday through Thursday

Springdale Public Library, 405 S. Pleasant St., Springdale, AR 72764:

To register for classes and tutoring sessions email or call 479-521-8250.

ESL Classes

Students who are learning English as a second or foreign language are encouraged to attend ESL classes. Classes are a good way to offer solid curriculum, and they provide an opportunity to practice English through interaction with others. In addition to classes, students have the opportunity to meet one-on-one with tutors to work on their individual needs.

We offer four levels of instruction and a wide range of meeting times to accommodate the needs of our students. When students enroll into our program, we assess their language skill level. Using this information, we can make recommendations for classes based on that student’s language level and needs.

ESL Class Descriptions

Level 1 – Basic
This level is designed for students who have no background in English. Emphasis will be studying the Alphabet and greetings.

Level 2 – Beginning
This level is designed for students who have little background in English.  Emphasis will be on basic conversational skills, commonly used words and phrases, writing simple sentences, using simple tenses, and basic grammar.

Level 3 – Intermediate
This level is designed for students who have achieved basic proficiency within English through some previous instruction.  Students should be able to compose simple sentences and write on a simple level using description and narration.  Students will begin to develop a stronger sense of sentence structure and a larger vocabulary to communicate and translate ideas from sentences into paragraphs.  Students will also learn commonly used idiomatic expressions as used in American English.

Level 4 – Advanced
This course is designed for students who are comfortable speaking English in most settings, but need more instruction in essay development and reading comprehension.  By the end of this level, the student should be able to write a well-organized, five paragraph essay with a clear thesis statement.  Students will learn how to think critically, analyze readings, research methods, and compose complex essays.  The course also places special emphasis on clarity of pronunciation.  Students will explore American culture and commonly used slang terms.

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