Student Story: Esther del Castillo Labrador

Student Story: Esther del Castillo Labrador

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Imagine moving to a country where you don’t speak the language.  That’s the situation Esther del Castillo Labrador found herself in when she moved to Northwest Arkansas in 2016.  Although she already spoke Spanish, German, and French, she struggled with her English language skills. “I studied English grammar in school,” she explained, “but I couldn’t speak very well.” And that’s when luck intervened.  Shortly after moving to Fayetteville, Esther opened her front door to find a Spanish language newspaper on her doorstep. “It was good chance,” Esther said, especially since she’d never received a Spanish paper before.  As she started flipping through the pages, she stumbled across an advertisement for Ozark Literacy Council.  “I didn’t know anyone, so no one could tell me about OLC. When I saw the advertisement, I knew I wanted to go to class there.” Because Esther had arrived in the U.S. just a month before,

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New Literacy Class for Marshallese Adults in Springdale!

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In partnership with the Springdale Public Library, OLC will be offering a new ESL Literacy class for Marshallese adults. OLC Instructor Christopher Balos, a native of the Marshall Islands, will lead the class that will focus on reading, writing, and speaking English. Classes are held weekly at the library on Friday, 2:00 – 4:00 pm in the Shiloh Room. For more information or to register, please call 479-750-8180 or email OLC Instructor Christopher Balos  

New AmeriCorps Positions Available for 2014-15

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OLC is beyond excited to announce we have been awarded 3 AmeriCorps service positions through the Arkansas Reads program for 2014-15. Each position includes teaching ESL classes, recruiting and training volunteers, and helping with fundraising. Members receive a living allowance of $6254 per year and an education award of $2775 if they complete their service. Call 479-521-8250 for more information or email your resume to to apply. AmeriCorps members get things done!