Student Story: Esther del Castillo Labrador

Student Story: Esther del Castillo Labrador

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Imagine moving to a country where you don’t speak the language.  That’s the situation Esther del Castillo Labrador found herself in when she moved to Northwest Arkansas in 2016.  Although she already spoke Spanish, German, and French, she struggled with her English language skills. “I studied English grammar in school,” she explained, “but I couldn’t speak very well.” And that’s when luck intervened.  Shortly after moving to Fayetteville, Esther opened her front door to find a Spanish language newspaper on her doorstep. “It was good chance,” Esther said, especially since she’d never received a Spanish paper before.  As she started flipping through the pages, she stumbled across an advertisement for Ozark Literacy Council.  “I didn’t know anyone, so no one could tell me about OLC. When I saw the advertisement, I knew I wanted to go to class there.” Because Esther had arrived in the U.S. just a month before,

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OLC receives Excellence in Education Award for 2017

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OLC received the 2017 Literacy Council Excellence in Education Award from Arkansas Literacy Councils in recognition of the leadership and excellence OLC is providing in the community and in literacy. We are grateful to our wonderful community who support us and to our tutors and students for their hard work. Thank you for the recognition ALC! We are truly humbled and honored. Members of OLC pictured at the awards reception at the Clinton Presidential Library in Little Rock on May 19, 2017. Pictured left to right: AmeriCorps member Nathan Riggs, Executive Director Margot Lemaster, Program Director Mina Phebus, AmeriCorps members Hanna Billinski and Casey Kraichoke, Development Director Jim Mitchell, and AmeriCorps member Kelley Zornes.