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KWNA interviewed OLC Board member Joshua Mahony about the Council’s mission! You can find the full text on nwahomepage.com

Meet Margot!

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Ozark Literacy Council is very excited and proud to have Margot Jackson as our Executive Director! You will be seeing and hearing more from Margot in upcoming days as she gets out and about in the community. Find out more about OLC’s latest leader: Margot is a native of Fayetteville and holds a Master of Arts in International Studies from the University of Oregon, where her studies focused on immigrant integration and qualitative evaluation. Margot worked to develop practical methods for creating lasting and meaningful relationships between immigrants and their new home communities. As a former volunteer ESL instructor with OLC and other organizations around the country, she has repeatedly witnessed the powerful role literacy plays in people’s lives. After a brief stint on OLC’s Board of Directors, Margot is thrilled to now have the opportunity to devote herself full time to OLC’s mission. Deeply motivated by her experiences in

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